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What Woodstockindia offers

Brand Building

Every property has a history, voice, persona of it's own. Woodstockindia repackages and repositions individual hotels and resorts to highlight each place's specialty best. Our brand building exercise includes identifying and developing a new identity, logo or even name, to help establishments bring out their best features to bring in the customer base they seek.

Representation & Networking

An ideal way to increase a small hotel's visibility among industry members and travel agents, Woodstockindia is a great networking tool. We are the face of India's independent hotels; we represent independent hotels at trade fairs, seminars, travel and tourism dos, through presentations and activities in India's main metros.


Woodstockindia handles publicity for their clients, through direct mailers, e-mailers, flyers, pamphlets, events as well as advertisements in popular media outlets like radio and in print. Other promotional activities include arranging 'fam trips' to the resorts for travel agents, and travel journalists. Woodstockindia also conducts joint promotions with travel companies and local tourism fairs to promote properties alongside the region.